Philippe Huret

Philippe’s career in antique restoration and furniture repair has spanned over four decades. His story started in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. in the 1970’s working in his family shop “Georgetown refinishing” He studied cabinet making and antique furniture under his late father Claude Huret. Claude was a Parisian cabinet maker who immigrated to the United States in the 1950’s with his wife who was working with the French Embassy in Washington D.C.. When their father Claude Huret retired in 1978 Georgetown refinishing was carried on by the two brothers. The Huret Borthers worked for years to gain the reputation as the premier furniture repair shop in Washington D.C. working for Collin Powell and numerous other well known politicians and interior designers in Washington D.C. The brothers were covered in May 2005 issue of The Washingtonian magazine as seen here. Dominique decided to sell the family furniture repair business to an outside interest in 2007 and move south to Florida where he now operates Bartram Furniture restoration. Philippe eventually came into association with Clair & Co around 2008.

Philippe has extensive knowledge of period antiques and high end furniture.. He is talented at modifications, antique restoration and bespoke hand rubbed finishes. He is also a talent musician, a dog lover and spends most of his free time outdoors.


Anthony Blankenship

Anthony is in year two of his antique furniture restoration and furniture repair apprenticeship with Clair & Co. He has a mechanical mind and pays close attention to detail. He has a back ground in custom fabrications of metal architectural design elements. He is coming along nicely with his apprenticeship and expects to be heading his own furniture restoration and furniture repair projects in Washington D.C. by the Spring of 2020. He is a hockey fan and loves dogs.


David Clair

In addition to leading the company David also has had a career in antiques and furniture restoration work in Washington D.C. that spans over two decades. He specializes in antique appraisals, mobile furniture repair, French polishing, furniture refinishing custom repairs of decorative art and period antiques. He is also a coatings technology expert. He has worked with numerous embassies in Washington D.C. as well as interior designers, high profile clients and politicians including work inside The White House. He has an extreme attention to detail and customer service. David Clair is also a certified claims analyst with AMSA and is a regular member with the CPPC. His passion for antiques, high end furniture, furniture restoration furniture refinishing and furniture repair in Washington D.C. eventually lead him to opening his own antique store and furniture repair and furniture restoration shop. David loves art and has an extensive vinyl record collection.