Two 19th Century Borghese framed calvary prints by Thomas Rowlandson

Two 19th Century Borghese framed calvary prints by Thomas Rowlandson


2 Vintage Borghese Framed Hand-Colored Military Prints by famous British caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson from his Cavalry series. Colors are bright, including silver paint on uniform trim. Both are indicated as "Rowlandson Delin". Deptford Cavalry and Lambeth Cavalry. Both have some foxing and toning. Gilt wood framed. In frame 11.25 x 13.25 x 1" / Image 8 x 9.75". Weight 3 pds 7 oz. PROVENANCE: A Pawleys Island Private Estate.

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House of Borghese

Borghese is the surname of a princely family of Italian noble and papal background, originating as the Borghese or Borghesi in Siena, where they came to prominence in the 13th century holding offices under the commune. The head of the family, Marcantonio, moved to Rome in the 16th century and there, following the election (1605) of his son Camillo as Pope Paul V they rose in power and wealth. They were one of the leading families of the Black Nobility and maintain close ties to the Vatican.

Thomas Rowlandson (/ˈroʊləndsən/; 13 July 1756 – 21 April 1827)[1] was an English artist and caricaturist of the Georgian Era, noted for his political satire and social observation. A prolific artist, he also wrote satirical verse under the pen name of Peter Pindar. Like other contemporary pre-Victorian caricaturists like James Gillray, he too depicted characters in bawdy postures and he also produced erotica which was censured by the 1840s. His caricatures included those of people in power such as the Duchess of Devonshire, William Pitt and Napoleon Bonaparte.