19th Century Louis Philippe Walnut bookcase

19th Century Louis Philippe Walnut bookcase


Continental walnut bookcase in Louis Philippe style. Paneled doors with glass uppers. Three adjustable height interior shelves. (Can add more upon request) Gorgeous signature piece for any library or study.

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The style of architecture and design under King Louis Philippe I (1830–1848) was a more eclectic development of French neoclassicism, incorporating elements of neo-Gothicand other styles. It was the first French decorative style imposed not by royalty, but by the tastes of the growing French upper class. In painting, neoclassicism and romanticism contended to became the dominant style. In literature and music, France had a golden age, as the home of Frédéric ChopinVictor HugoHonoré de Balzac, and other major poets and artists.

Much of the style was taken from the personality of the King himself. Unlike his Bourbon predecessors, he wore business dress, not formal robes, he lived in Paris, and he shunned ceremonies; he carried his own umbrella, and imposed no official styles.

Louis Philippe furniture had the same types and forms as the earlier French Restoration style, but with less decoration; comfort was the primary consideration. The Louis Philippe commode, with a marble top and a marquetry covering, was a popular example of the style.